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Nollywood Actor Mr. Latin – I changed the face of comedy

What is the difference between the personalities of Bolaji Amusan and ‘Mr Latin’?
Bolaji Amusan is a responsible citizen of Nigeria, a family man and the head of a company, while Mr Latin is a comedian and actor who strives to preach anything positive to the society, through his job.
How did you come about that name, ‘Mr Latin’?
Chief Akin Ogungbe actually gave me that alias. I remember we were at a location then in 1991 and while I was delivering my lines, I mixed the touch of both French and Latin; and when he wanted to call me and couldn’t recall my name, he opted for ‘Latin’. And that was how the name came to being.
When exactly did you choose acting as a career?
That was in 1988. There was no means to further my education when I finished from secondary school. I was learning a trade when a friend of mine introduced me to theatre, because I had always been a jovial person. So, I was introduced to a theatre group in March 1988 and since then, it has remained my passion.
But why comedy?
Well, I didn’t start out with comedy; rather, (I started out) acting normal roles, but I picked up many of my acts from my landlord back then. He used to behave like that; so, I picked these traits from him. Whenever I was with my colleagues, I used to tell them the things (my landlord) did and I was told to come act it out so that people could see and learn from it. Over time, that character became a part of me.
What was the first major role you played in a movie?
Coincidentally, my first major role was comedy. The name of the movie is ‘50/50’, by the late Chief Akin Ogungbe in 1990.
What was the most challenging role you’ve played?
That would be the role of Mr President, which I played in 2003. It was challenging because I wanted to act like the former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. I had to study him for six months; trying to emulate how he talks, walks and acts generally. I did this by listening to the news regularly, being conversant with current affairs and surfing the Internet to get more details about him.
It was rumored last year that you were dead. What could have prompted that?
I believe that there are some people that take delight in raising such rumours, and I wasn’t their first victim. Such rumour had been raised about Sola Sobowale, Babatunde Omidina and a lot of other people. I wonder why they do that.
It was May 7, 2012. I was in Abeokuta that day, scheduled to travel to America the next day. I was packing my luggage when unusual calls started coming in. Senators, governors and a lot of people called to confirm if the news was true or not. The likes of Chief Gani Adams, Governor Ibikunle Amosun and many other dignitaries called that night.
I received over 3,000 calls that night, and I continuously charged my phone to keep the line on. It was later that I had to come out on the Internet that I was very much alive.
Which movie would you say made you?
My rise to stardom was gradual; but the movie that really nailed stardom for me was Talongbemu. The acceptance was really great, and I loved it.
What would you say are the challenges facing the Nigerian movie industry?
To start with, I would say finance and piracy. These two things are really killing the job.
You were the immediate past governor of the Ogun State arm of the Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners (ANTP). What are your roles in the association now?
Often times, I play advisory roles. As a non-executive staff of the association, I bridge the gap between the executives and the members and also, I try to guide the leaders now into doing the right thing.
Abeokuta, in recent times, has become a preferred choice for movie locations. How was this achieved?
This was achieved when I was the governor of the association. I used my influence to call our other colleagues to come down to Abeokuta and shoot their movies, promising them that they would enjoy the peaceful environment – which is paramount for filmmaking – and also help build the youngsters here in Abeokuta.
The likes of Sanyeri and Kamilu have changed the face of comedy in the industry. How has that affected you?
I changed the face of comedy in the (Nigerian movie) industry. I changed so many things, from the costumes to the make-up. The first comedian to play a lead role in a movie was Baba Suwe – with his movies Kotansibe and Baba Londoner. After him, I was the next person to do that, with my movies Mr President, Omo Ode De, Talongbemu and the likes.
But people feel that with those two in the industry now, the rate at which you feature in comedies has dropped…
I don’t believe that; we all play different roles. Also, I am an educated comedian; I don’t just play any role. Sanyeri and Kamilu are doing wonderfully well and I pray for them to continue to flourish. Everything has its place and time. We have done our part and we have to allow the upcoming comedians also to rise. I am proud of them and we relate very well.
How educated are you?
I was not privileged earlier to further my education, not until about two years ago when I gained admission into a university in London, where I am currently studying Tourism. So, by saying I am an educated comedian, I meant I changed comedy from the stage where actors used to stuff their tummies with costumes or overuse make-up. I brought reality to comedy. There is no denying it. I changed the face of comedy industry.
What’s your take over the recent ruling of the court over Baba Suwe’s case?
I’m neither a lawyer nor a judge, but I observed that the High Court approved the money to be paid to him, while the Appeal Court disapproved the payment. I believe maybe the case would still be looked into, and by then, maybe there is much that could be said about it then. I called Baba Suwe immediately after the news and we believe the best would come off it.
What is your foundation about?
It’s called the Mr Latin Foundation, tagged ‘Save a Soul Today’. It encompasses a lot of things, like assisting the underprivileged, helping the widows and organising enlightenment programmes on HIV/AIDS, kidney failure and the likes.
And I’ve been travelling a lot across the world, propagating the foundation. The organisation was established two years ago and it has been doing just fine. K1 D Ultimate is the grand patron of the organisation, while Mrs Funso Amosun is the grand matron. I have patrons across the world, and also with a lot of people showing interest in the foundation.
If you had not gone into acting, what else would you have delved into?
I would have been a footballer. Football has been a career of interest for me since I was a youth. My role model is Chief Segun Odegbami. I love the way he played and almost everything about him.
What words do you have for your fans?
I appreciate and love them for being there, and I would love if they continue to criticise us constructively.

Davido Denies Being Arrested In Budapest For Possession Of Fake Currency

 Click for Full Image Size
Word went round that Davido, his brother Adewale Adeleke and his manager Kamal Ajiboye had been arrested in a club in Budapest, Hungary. Over some fake Euro currency they used in paying for drinks.

According to the story, Davido and show promoter Osariemen Ekiudoko Frank had some issues, which led to Frank's refusal to pay Davido his balance.

This supposedly led to Davido being stranded in Budapest as he missed his flight. So, he had to spend another night in Budapest.

Then he and crew decided to go to a party with fake euro notes, given to them by the show organizer only to get arrested by Hungarian police.

Well, according to Davido's management, Davido didn’t get arrested. And here's the official statement they sent out to tell their own version of the story.

It has come to our notice that some unscrupulous rumour peddlers have chosen to malign Davido’s hard work ethic and reputation.

Davido has been on his European tour for a few weeks and landed in Budapest, Hungary on Friday June 21 for his Budapest stop. He was met with what is perhaps the worst case of unprofessionalism from a promoter in his career as a touring artiste. The promoter in this case is known as Mr Frank of BLACK DIAMOND ENTERTAINMENT.

To the dismay of his management, the agreements on Davido’s ryder were not met despite assurances written and verbal that everything was set.

Please note the following facts:

• Against their agreement, Davido and his management were given a one-bedroom suite to house them during their stay in Budapest.

• The promoter had issues with the venue for the show. Up until the night of the performance, the venue had not been paid for and Davido’s management were informed that he might not be able to perform on the stage. This was finally sorted a few minutes to the show.

• When it was finally time to perform, the promoter had not arranged for sound and Davido only managed the situation and decided to perform because of his fans that had paid to attend the concert.

• A fight broke out at the club and the promoters did not arrange any form of security for Davido, it was the intervention of the venue security guards that ensured that he got back to his hotel room in safety.

• Davido and his management did not receive any direct payments from the said promoter. Infact the promoter is yet to pay up in full Davido’s performance fees as agreed.

Davido and his management team catered to their every need while in Budapest from their personal funds Davido’s management wishes to state distinctly and clearly that Davido was not at any point arrested in Budapest, Hungary. He is currently in Paris, France where he is set to perform on the 28th and the 29th of June.Thank you.

CRAZE vs MAD:Terry G visits Charlyboy at his office ahead of Abuja concert(Photos)

Terry G visited Charly Boy's New Wave Productions office yesterday Thursday June 27th where he officially presented the AreaFada with his latest album titled Book of Ginjah. Terry G is in Abuja for his Book of Ginjah concert (launch of his new album) which will hold at the ThisDay Dome on the 5th of July. More photos when you continue...



See Many Ladies Going Nudé All In The Name Of Fashion(Photos)

Few days after a guy allegedly broke up with his beautiful girlfriend for révealing too much cléavages in a photo she shared on facebook, more ladies are getting worse in this trénd.
See more photos below..

Great Sex by the Seaside but With My Ex

 I had a lovely day out with my first love and we ended up in bed. It was bliss – but his wife has found out and is making my life hell.
I’m 36. He’s 37. We dated as teenagers but separated because we were both inexperienced and too young.
I moved to another part of the country. I met and married a lovely man but my first love was never far from my thoughts.
My ex stayed single. His mates kept teasing him that he must be gay because he was still single at 30, so he said he’d date the next female recruit to start where he worked. They married six months later.
She’s five years older. He’s told friends he feels he’s only there to pay the bills.
We reconnected through Facebook 18 months ago and eventually met up a couple of months ago. We had a great day by the seaside and ended up in bed together in a hotel.
It felt perfect but we haven’t been able to meet up again because we live nearly 400 miles apart. We’ve kept in touch by email and text, as his wife objected to our Facebook friendship.
She discovered a text from me last month. He admitted sleeping with me and all hell broke loose.
We’ve cut off all contact but his wife is sending me a barrage of emails demanding my side of the story.
I have ignored the emails and now she says that my silence proves what low life I am.
I feel I should maintain my silence. I’m not proud of what I did but I don’t think I should take all the blame.

Man who became paralyzed after saving drowning girl dies

Michael Patterson (photo: Facebook)
Michael Patterson, the 43-year-old Georgia man who dived into a creek to save a 4-year-old girl from drowning and became paralyzed from the chest down during the rescue, died after spending three weeks in a hospital, The Associated Press reports.
Patterson's family shared the news on Facebook.
Patterson's bravery left many, including the woman whose daughter he rescued, stunned. "He jumped in head first and after I grabbed her, I looked back and he was floating on top of the water," Carlissa Jones told after Patterson's injury, which occurred on June 8.
Jones' daughter, Javea, was able to be resuscitated. Patterson broke his neck during the dive. He also developed respiratory acidosis, pneumonia and a bacterial infection after the injury, according to Fox News. The medical problems that came after the broken neck contributed to his death, Polk County Coroner Trey Litesey told news outlets.

Kim Kardashian Seeing a Personal Trainer Daily to Shed Baby Weight

The 32-year-old reality TV star only gave birth to her first child, daughter North West less than two weeks ago, but is already on a strict diet and exercise regime.
She is reportedly seeing a personal trainer daily in a bid to shed her pregnancy weight, believed to be 60lbs, before she steps out in public.
A source close to Kim said the bootylicious beauty "wouldn't stop talking about her body in the delivery room" and kept "asking her sisters if she looked smaller and skinnier after giving birth".
The pal added: "Kim is obsessed with getting the baby weight off - and fast.
"She really believes she can lose the first 30 pounds in the first month. She wants to look good in a bikini by the end of the summer.
"She got so big. So now she wants to look as hot as possible."
Despite working with celeb trainer Tracy Anderson throughout her pregnancy, Kim is fearful she will never get back her pre-baby frame.
The insider said: "She's terrified she will never get her body back. Everyone has told her not to stress - that it's about being healthy and having a good mind-set for your baby, not about losing the weight right away.
"But her family knows that at the end of the day, Kim will do what Kim wants."
Another source claimed that Kim is also under pressure to lose the weight from rapper fella Kanye West.
It's believed he wasn't happy with Kim's pregnancy wardrobe after she was ridiculed for a series of fashion errors throughout her pregnancy, including a floral dress which left her compared to Robin Williams character Mrs Doubtfire and a black and white number which saw her mocked on the internet for looking like KILLER WHALE Shamu.

The mate said: "When Kim stacked on the weight, Kanye's vision of her maternity fashion went out the drain. He's not happy about how much weight she gained - and said it's her job to get rid of it quickly."

#SaveOJBjezreel : Tuface, Dbanj, Wizkid Did not Contribute A Dime


TUFACE N1.5million...NOT TRUE!
D'banj N7Million...NOT TRUE!
Whizkid N3Million...NOT TRUE
Ini Edo N2Million...NOT TRUE
Olamide N1Million...NOT TRUE!

Your "FACT-LESS HYPE" of those who have contributed nothing so far in this matter is preventing others willing to help from doing so!!!


If we had all this money would we still be spending late nights and all day screaming and asking for HELP???


Please support. You can still make your donations at any UBA branch close to you or make your donations online to:



Account number- 1004186282
Sort code- 057150628
Branch- MARINA 2

God bless you as you do so. Thank you.

Muyiwa Osinuga aka NOMORELOSS
Head of fund raising committee.

Twitter: @mr_nomoreloss

Tel: 08023000519

Nigeria's Coat Of Arms Used In A Hollywood Movie? (SEE PHOTOS)


This was sent in by a reader:

So i was watching a Hollywood movie titled ‘BAD A S S’ and the movie was indeed BAD A S S. But the most BAD A S S thing about the movie is that the Nigerian coat of arm was used twice in the movie. What appeared to look like the Nigerian coat of arm was first shown at a scene where the main actor was filling out a police recruitment form. The second was when he received a letter about his application....See the pics below:

Huge Snake Swallowed A Goat In Abuja (PHOTOS)

See the Snake that swallowed a goat in Abuja..Poor goat...another pics after the cut:

Dog Meat And Head Found In Shoprite Mall? (PICTURED)


 This picture was sent in by a reader and below is how it was captioned:

Here is a picture of dog meat and dog head found in Shoprite Shopping Mall in a particular state of the country. This is going to be a delight for a particular tribe, especially the prospect of using it to prepare dog pepper soup..

Is this true?

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Wizkid replaces crashed Porsche with new one(Photo)

Two weeks after crashing his N25million worth Porsche Panorama along Lekki-Epe express way in the early hours of Saturday, June 15, Wizkid has replaced the damaged Porsche with a brand new one.
He posted pictures of his new acquisition on his Instagram page and tagged it #Blessed.
Two weeks after crashing his N25million worth Porsche Panorama along Lekki-Epe express way in the early hours of Saturday, June 15, Wizkid has replaced the damaged Porsche with a brand new one. - See more at:
Two weeks after crashing his N25million worth Porsche Panorama along Lekki-Epe express way in the early hours of Saturday, June 15, Wizkid has replaced the damaged Porsche with a brand new one. - See more at:

Gay man killes wife for insurance payout

This is double indemnity — with a twist.
A Chicago man is currently on trial for allegedly murdering his wife for insurance money after realizing he was no longer in love with her because he was gay.
Prosecutors said that Darron Brewer, 26, plotted to kill wife Kenyatae Coller-Brewer for the insurance payout.
Coller-Brewer, 22, worked for the U.S. National Guard and had a life insurance policy through the reserve military force. Prosecutors allege that Brewer and his younger brother, Dujuan Powe, plotted to kill Coller-Brewer before the couple's marriage was over, giving the former husband a financial nest egg.
The couple had two children together.
Cook County Assistant State Attorney Jeff Allen said in court Monday that the brothers hatched a plan in October 2009 for Brewer to strangle her at her home in Logan Square.
But, Allen said, the alleged conspirer couldn't go through with it: "Instead of killing her, (he) had sex with her, consensual sex."
The court heard that Brewer faked a carjacking, forcing his wife into the trunk of their car, then shooting her on Oct. 25, 2009.
Both brothers are charged in her murder, and their trial is expected to last for several more days, the website reports.

How 14-Yr Old Boy Bashes Expensive BMW Car In School, Starts Crying After Arrest

A 14-year-old boy was in tears after police arrested him for taking an expensive BMW convertible for a joyride, the crashing it into a parked car outside his school.
According to reports, the car belonged to someone well known to him. He allegedly lost control of the car and ended up crashing into multiple parked cars in his school.
The young boy ended up crying hysterically at the events that occurred, but this was not until he attempted to run from the police who ended up catching him. The police caught up to him at an apartment, and he struggled hard to prevent the cops from cuffing him.
See photo

Mum ordered by state workers to prove she was really a woman

A 36-year-old Georgia mum was ordered by state workers to prove she was a woman after she found her birth certificate mistakenly listed her as a man.
Nakia Grimes said she was left "in shock" after officials told her she must undergo an invasive Pap smear exam if she ever wanted the error corrected.
"I was horrified," she told My Fox Atlanta.
Grimes said the offensive proposition came about when she spotted her birth certificate had an "X" listed next to male while getting her driver's license renewed.
"You only look at the name, the date, and the year, and the month. You just really never look at the additional signatures and I'd never seen that," she revealed.
"When I went to retrieve my birth certificate, I let them know that the gender portion was wrong. I'm a woman, I was born a woman," she added.
 But a state worker said the only way for the Clayton County resident to get her gender changed would be to prove it properly.
"She said I needed to go have the exam, have a doctor write a note verifying you're a woman, and bring it back - notarized," she added.
Angry at the suggestion, she reported the incident to Vital Records Services. Directors agreed there was no need for the procedure to take place.
Instead, they altered her gender status after checking her son Zion's birth certificate, where she is legally listed as the birth mother.

Worst Honeymoon Ever Ends With Husband Arrested for Soliciting Prostitute

You know how they say the honeymoon ended before it even began?
Well, that’s actually true in the case of Mohammed Ahmed.

The 21-year-old man from Illinois was arrested for soliciting a prostitute…while on his honeymoon!
Ahmed, who was in Orlando, Florida with his new bride, was caught when he met an undercover detective posing as a prostitute after he answered her ad. Making matters worse? His wife had reported him missing after he never returned to their hotel, unaware that he was in police custody.
Ahmed was one of 92 rather embarrassed people caught in an undercover operation authorities pulled off to catch johns who solicited sex online, including a 45-year-old youth pastor who had traveled to town for a conference and had designs on having sex with a 14-year-old.
Of course, Ahmed is the only person who’s going to have find a very creative way to answer the question “How was the honeymoon?” after he gets back home. Good luck with that one.
There’s no word on whether the marriage is still on. Nor is their word if or when the now-troubled couple will appear on ‘Jerry Springer.’

See Woman Who Cries Blood(Photo)

 DOCTORS in Chile are baffled by a woman who has started crying tears of BLOOD.
Yaritza Oliva was terrified when the strange condition appeared earlier this month.
Ever since, with no warning, the 20-year-old bleeds from her eyes several times a day.
Yaritza visited her doctor but when no evidence of an infection could be found she was sent home with eye drops to help her cope with the pain, which she says is "indescribable".

Her parents are now asking friends and neighbours in Purranque, Chile, to help them raise the money to send their daughter to an eye expert.
Her carpenter dad Jose appealed on a local news show: "Please put your hands over your hearts, see our situation and help my daughter."
It's possible Yaritza has a very rare condition called haemolacria, which causes sufferers to produce tears containing blood.
There are only THREE documented cases of the condition, which can be symptomatic of a more serious illness or a tumour - or caused by a high level of hormones in fertile women.

Michael Jackson’s son says father feared concert promoter

LOS ANGELES – Michael Jackson’s eldest son testified Wednesday that his father was excited about going back on tour before his death but wasn’t happy about the pressure that came with the ill-fated shows.
Prince Jackson told jurors his father wanted more time to rehearse and had several tense phone conversations with promoters of his “This Is It” shows that sometimes ended with his father in tears.
The 16-year-old said his father remarked after one of the conversations, “They’re going to kill me.” He did not elaborate.
The testimony came in a lawsuit claiming AEG negligently hired Conrad Murray, the doctor who was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving Jackson an overdose of the anesthetic propofol.
AEG denies it hired the physician or bears any responsibility for the entertainer’s death.
Wearing a black suit with a dark grey tie and his long brown hair tucked behind his ears, Prince testified that he saw AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips at the family’s rented mansion in a heated conversation with Murray in the days before his father died. The teenager said Phillips grabbed Murray’s elbow.
Phillips “looked aggressive to me,” Prince testified.
Michael Jackson wasn’t at home at the time and was probably rehearsing, Prince said.
Murray’s attorney Valerie Wass and AEG defense attorney Marvin S. Putnam later denied outside court that the meeting Prince described ever happened.
Putnam said Prince would be recalled to the witness stand during the defense case later in the trial.
“I think as the testimony will show when he is called in our defense that’s not what happened,” Putnam said. “He was a 12-year-old boy who has had to endure this great tragedy.”
For the first time, the teenager publicly provided details about the day his father died. Prince testified that he saw Murray performing CPR on his father, who was hanging halfway off a bed. It appeared his dad’s eyes were rolled up in the back of his head, Prince told jurors.
Prince’s eyes appeared red as he recalled being told by Murray at a hospital that his father was dead.
Prince said he never saw Murray’s treatments of his father.
“I was 12. To my understanding he was supposed to make sure my dad stayed healthy,” Prince testified.
Prince said none of the household staff was allowed upstairs at the mansion, and the singer kept his bedroom locked while receiving treatments from Murray.
During cross-examination, Putnam played a clip from a deposition of Prince in which the teen said he discovered the bedroom was locked when he and his siblings were playing hide-and-seek and couldn’t get inside.
Prince also said his father gave him and his sister Paris a stack of $100 bills on a few occasions to give to Murray. The teen said his father told him that Murray wouldn’t take the money from him, and the doctor wouldn’t take the full amount from the children.
The teenager said his understanding was that the money was meant to tide Murray over until he got paid by AEG Live.
Prince’s grandmother, Katherine Jackson, sat in the front row of the courtroom during his testimony. She held a tissue and removed her glasses several times.
The testimony began with the teenager showing jurors roughly 15 minutes of private family photos and home videos.
He described growing up on Neverland Ranch and showed the panel videos of the property’s petting zoos, amusement park and other amenities. After his father’s acquittal of child molestation charges, Prince described living in the Middle East, Ireland and Las Vegas.
He told the jury that his father was always working, but the children had no idea he was a global superstar.
“We always listened to his music, but we never knew how famous he was,” Prince said.
He said he and his sister Paris watched a video of one of their father’s performances and got a sense of his fame when overwhelmed fans were carried from his shows on stretchers.
Prince is the first Jackson family member to testify during the trial, now in its ninth week.
Attorneys have said TJ Jackson, who serves a co-guardian to Prince and his siblings, and Taj Jackson, are also expected to take the witness stand. They are the sons of Tito Jackson.
Prince Jackson, his sister Paris and brother Blanket are plaintiffs in the case against AEG, which their grandmother and primary caretaker filed in August 2010.
Prince spoke softly as he began testifying, and the first exhibit shown to jurors was a photo taken with his grandmother on his and Paris’ first day of school.
He described his school life, including taking a summer course in U.S. history, participating on the school robotics team and volunteer work.
Another image showed Michael Jackson playing piano with his son while Prince was still a toddler.
Plaintiffs’ attorney Brian Panish asked Prince whether he was interested in pursuing a career in music.
“I can never play an instrument and I definitely cannot sing,” Prince said to laughter from the jury.
He said he wanted to study film or business when he goes to college.
The trial is expected to last several more weeks.


Feelers reaching us over here, is that D’banj, has just signed a N250 million endorsement deal with Etisalat.
This is coming after the comic actor, Hafis Oyetoro, better known as Saka, received a better endorsement cheque from MTN and conveniently dumped Etisalat, believed to be paying him less.
We were told D’banj’s cheque is N250 million and he has already shot the necessary commercials with Etisalat.
However, both parties are still keeping mum on the development.
The competition in the telecoms sector started with Saka moving to MTN from Etisalat.
Globacom, which is not new to celebrity endorsements, added M I, Naeto C, Omawunmi, Waje and Burna Boy to its long list of celebrity ambassadors.
MTN has also thought it worthy to sign endorsement deals with past winners of franchise music competition of Project Fame West Africa.
These included Iyanya, Mike Anyasodo, Chidinma Ekile.
However, as it is, it seems Etisalat has challenged MTN and other with D’banj catch.
What would be MTN’s next move?

MC-Loph Was Killed By Emeka Morgan — Mum Cries Out

It appears the CEO of Morgan Entertainment is not telling us all the truth he knows about the death Igbo rapper, Obiajulu Nwozo, famously addressed as MC Loph and his only sister, Chinwe.

Recall that in one of our previous posts, we served you a story of how former Morgan Entertainment MD, Obi Madubogwu, accused the label CEO, Emeka Morgan Nwanne Oguejiofor of allegedly using the late MC Loph and only sister for rituals.

Further investigations by has proven that there are other people joining voices with Madubogwu to label Morgan a ritualist and being responsible for the death of the rapper. They are no other persons than the late rapper’s mum and his fiancée, Ngozi, who was the only survivor of the accident that claimed both the life of the rapper and his only sister.

In an exclusive chat with our correspondent, who reached out to MC Loph’s mum via a phone conversation, the aged woman, we also learnt suffers hypertension, lamented almost endlessly of how Emeka Morgan abandoned her and the late rapper’s son, after making a pledge of placing her on a meager salary of 30 thousand naira monthly.

According Mrs Obiozor, “Emeka Morgan killed my only son and daughter, left me childless and handicapped. Since Obiajulu died, the only time I set my eyes on the so-called Morgan was in May 2012, when he came with Obi Madubogu, gave me a bag of rice, a gallon of groundnut oil and 60 thousand naira and asked me never to allow Nkiru (MC Loph’s wife) to have a share of the money.

But I couldn’t, I gave the money over to Nkiru after he left and it was used to fix the Camry with which she does most of her run arounds in Lagos. Since then, he had neither called nor checked on me again.”

Contrary to the rumour which went agog in a section of the media a few months ago that Emeka Oguejiofor, the owner of Morgan Entertainment adopted late MC Loph’s son, Mrs Obiozor stated categorically that Morgan is a liar and will not go unpunished.

According to her, “is it possible to adopt a child you have not set your eyes on since he was born? Probably he adopted Obiajulu Jnr in his dreams or imagination. I heard the rumour too, but all I can say is that God will judge him both in life and in death; he will never know any peace in his lifetime, for shedding the blood of my children whom I know did not wrong him in any way.”

Meanwhile, further checks revealed that late MC Loph’s family, which consists of his uncles and other extended family, avoids Emeka Morgan with every sense of consciousness. An insider insisted that the family have not stopped accusing him of being responsible for the death of the rapper and his only sister.

According to him, ‘Emeka Morgan is not clean and we the entire MC Loph’s family strongly believes he is responsible for the death of our children. For instance, shortly after the accident and doctor’s confirmation that Obiajulu’s wife was pregnant, we decided that she should stay behind in Lagos and not travel with the family to the village for her husband’s burial, but Morgan insisted that she must travel by air to Awka, which the entire family frowned at and resulted into a face-off with him until he eventually succumbed pressure.

“The question is why must he insist on Nkiru’s presence at her Obiajulu’s burial, if he had no ulterior motive? In one occasion when he, Morgan visited MC Loph’s mum last year, he was bent on knowing where Nkiru was seated when the accident happened and how come she managed to survive an accident that claimed the lives of every other occupants of the car? Does it not tell you that this man probably wanted everybody in that vehicle dead and buried, but for God’s intervention?

“In reference to recent events that happened following the death of Obiajulu, we now know that his death his not natural, we may not have a voice, or the money to fight Emeka Morgan, but one thing is certain, God will continue to judge him’ our source concluded.

With the current situation of things, obviously, Emeka Nwanne Oguejiofor (Morgan), might have some questions to answer, but the big question is who will ask the question? When and how?

For the records, MC Loph and sister both died in a ghastly motor accident on September 14, 2011 along Ore road, on his way to the village for his traditional wedding, which eventually didn’t hold.

Midnight Raid: 52 Nigerians Raided In Malaysia, Now Awaiting Deportation

In what was described as a midnight raid by the Malaysia Immigration Police, 52 Nigerians have been arrested and are now awaiting deportation.
According to reports, the Immigration police raided houses that were occupied by Nigerians, and properties were destroyed in the process. Clothed or naked, the Nigerians who were unfortunate enough to be at home during the raid were arrested. Although it was reported that those who weren't home had their houses ransacked and vandalised.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Boko Haram leader is from Niger Republic

The Head of the Terrorist sect Boko Haram Abubakar Shekau hails from Niger Republic according to the Senate joint committee that investigated the Baga town Deaths.
This news shatters the widely believed notion that he was born in Shekau village in Yobe state
Borno State Governor Kashim Shettima himself told visiting senators that the man was actually from the neighbouring Republic of Niger.
The senators were also informed that although the sect has some foreigners, 80% of the sect members where from the Kanuri tribe saying that the leader is a Kanuri from Niger Republic.
After Mohammed Yussuf's death Shekau became the leader of the sect bringing death and anguish to thousand's of Nigerians
He has not been seen in public eye since 2009, He has shown himself through youtube videos aimed at threatning the Jonathan led Nigerian Government and claiming responsibility of attacks by the group
The Senate on April 23 mandated its committees on Defense and Army, Police Affairs, and National Security and Intelligence to investigate the Baga violence in which local leaders accused soldiers of killing 185 people and destroying more than 2,000 homes.
Military authorities had denied conducting indiscriminate killings, saying only 37 people died in a gun battle between soldiers from the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) and Boko Haram fighters. In its report, the Senate committee disputed the Baga death toll given by both sides but failed to provide a specific figure
“The death toll of 185 was exaggerated but there may be more than 37 deaths. This is possible as there is no documentary evidence from either the natives or the military to ascertain figure quoted,” the report said. The report also tried to exonerate the military, saying the incident was caused by Boko Haram who pulled out an army officer from a bus and killed him on March 29, and also killed another soldier on April 16
In its recommendations, the 28-member Senate panel urged troops on internal security operations to adhere to the provisions of the Geneva Convention, Code of Conduct and Rules of Engagement in order to minimise casualties. The committee called on President Goodluck Jonathan to direct the armed forces to carry out urgent recruitment of soldiers and officers as insurgency has overstretched the military.

Fuel Explosion Rocks Atlas Cove Jetty In Lagos!

 explosion rocks atlas jetty lagos
A tanker vessel carrying imported petroleum product (fuel) was early Wednesday 26th June 2013 rocked by an explosion near Atlas Cove Jetty, Lagos, on the high sea( coastal area of Lagos) The caused of the explosion and other details regarding the accident are yet to be known at the time of this report.
Inside sources said that rescue operation has started at the scene of the accident which was said to have occurred at about 1 am Wednesday morning.
Officials of NNPC and PPMC promised to issue a press statement later giving details of what happened and the casualty level.

SO CUTE: Cat And Dog Relationship (PHOTOS)

 The dog-cat relationship is generally misunderstood. Despite the long-held belief that dogs and cats cannot maintain a relationship with one another, perpetuated by such phrases as "fighting like cats and dogs", and the stereotype of the animal hierarchy of dog-cat-mouse. Relationships between cats and dogs are possible, depending on their personalities and their owners’ patience and understanding.....More pics after the cut:

Kim & Kanye set a trap for their friends by distributing fake baby pics

Kanye and Kim set a trap for their friends to see which one would sell a picture of their new baby. According to TMZ, they received a photo purportedly of North West but when they checked with Kim's camp to see if it was the real baby pic, they discovered they had received one of several decoy photos distributed by the couple.

TMZ reports:

Someone has been trying to sell this baby pic for a lot of $$$$ -- allegedly the spawn of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.  But sources connected with the couple tell TMZ, it's a fraud!
So here's what we're being told. Kim felt people in her world were going to hawk baby photos, so she wanted to catch the culprits quickly.  We're told Kim hatched a plan and sent a half-dozen of her "friends" pictures of a baby she claimed was North West -- but we're told it was an impostor infant.
Sure enough ... someone came along and tried selling us this pic (above).  Gotta say ... it looks like it could be Kim and Kanye's baby.  It has the right ... well, you know ... but Kim would obviously pick a pic of an impostor baby that had the qualities of her own child.

Our K & K sources have seen the pic and claim it's not the real deal.

By the way ... we also got hold of another pic of a baby Kim sent to several other friends -- Bogus Baby #2.  We're told she's waiting to see if someone tries to sell this one as well.

UEFA bans Yobo for 2 years

UEFA bans Yobo for 2 years

Out of favour Super Eagles’ captain, Joseph Yobo has been slammed with a two-year ban by the European Football Association (UEFA). Soccer Star can report. Yobo who was not listed by the Super Eagles’ handler, Stephen Keshi for the ongoing Confederations Cup will also miss the European action for two seasons following his Fenerbahce’s involvement in match fixing scandal.

The European football governing body confirmed that Fenerbahce has been banned from competing in European competition for two seasons and Besiktas for a season.

Both Istanbul giants were embroiled in a match-fixing scandal at the tail-end of the 2010-11 campaign which saw Aykut Kocaman's side's miraculous run to the Super Lig title subject to suspicion.

Besiktas, meanwhile, won the Turkish cup that year on penalties against Istanbul BB, but they soon gave back the trophy when the investigation was announced.

A statement released on Uefa's official website read: "The Uefa Control and Disciplinary Body (CDB) today announced its decisions following the disciplinary proceedings relating to Fenerbahce SK (Turkey), Besiktas JK (Turkey), and FC Steaua Bucuresti (Romania).

The CDB carefully analysed the situation of both Fenerbahçe SK and Be?ikta? JK and has pronounced the following sanctions: Besiktas JK is not eligible to participate in the 2013/14 Uefa Europa League.

Fenerbahce SK is excluded from participating in the next three UEFA club competitions for which it would qualify, including the 2013/14 Uefa Champions League season. The ban for the third season is deferred for a probationary period of five years."

Steaua Bucharest have also been handed a one-year suspension from competing in UEFA competitions, though this has been deferred for five years.

Fener had been due to compete in the Champions League this term after finishing second in the league, with Besiktas coming third.

However, Uefa has exercised its right to ban Fenerbahce for two years, with a further campaign suspended, while Besiktas are to miss one year of continental football.

The Black Eagles also missed the Europa League last term after failing to meet financial requirements.

My Lecturer Wants Me To Give Her A Baby


Hello, looking at the time i'm posting this you'll see i've been up all night thinking. i want to seek reasonable and salient advice before i make a monumental decision. Pls help...i am in my second year in the university( for privacy i won'nt disclose name) and the dean of my faculty(law) who is also our legal method lecturer came to me with an offer, she said i should impregnant her and she will make sure i graduate top of my peers and she will pay, i should just call a figure.

She is a very hot lady, super intelligent that's why she is a dean at just 30. I don't know why she wants to do it but from her demeanor i guess she thinks herself above men and marraige. I will be turning 18 by my next birthday and i am over 6 feets, i'm very athlectic and i'm currently the best student in my dept. She said these are "some" of the qualities she saw in picking me to father her child.

Now this super weird, i feel i am dreaming and i need advice, she has expressly told me not to breath a word to anyone as whatever we decide must be a secret till death so i decided to come here, were no one knows each other. On one hand i am thinking of charging her about a million(too much?) which will be really cool money and the taught of graduating with a first class is so magnificent and finally getting to lay with such an amazinly beautifull lady who every student has a crush on. But then there is something sinister and morally bankrupt about selling my Fluid, sending a child into the world and never knowing him, such a secret can linger in the heart till death. Can i get some advice? What would you do or advice your kid brother?
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