Saturday, 29 June 2013

Great Sex by the Seaside but With My Ex

 I had a lovely day out with my first love and we ended up in bed. It was bliss – but his wife has found out and is making my life hell.
I’m 36. He’s 37. We dated as teenagers but separated because we were both inexperienced and too young.
I moved to another part of the country. I met and married a lovely man but my first love was never far from my thoughts.
My ex stayed single. His mates kept teasing him that he must be gay because he was still single at 30, so he said he’d date the next female recruit to start where he worked. They married six months later.
She’s five years older. He’s told friends he feels he’s only there to pay the bills.
We reconnected through Facebook 18 months ago and eventually met up a couple of months ago. We had a great day by the seaside and ended up in bed together in a hotel.
It felt perfect but we haven’t been able to meet up again because we live nearly 400 miles apart. We’ve kept in touch by email and text, as his wife objected to our Facebook friendship.
She discovered a text from me last month. He admitted sleeping with me and all hell broke loose.
We’ve cut off all contact but his wife is sending me a barrage of emails demanding my side of the story.
I have ignored the emails and now she says that my silence proves what low life I am.
I feel I should maintain my silence. I’m not proud of what I did but I don’t think I should take all the blame.

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