Wednesday, 26 June 2013

My Lecturer Wants Me To Give Her A Baby


Hello, looking at the time i'm posting this you'll see i've been up all night thinking. i want to seek reasonable and salient advice before i make a monumental decision. Pls help...i am in my second year in the university( for privacy i won'nt disclose name) and the dean of my faculty(law) who is also our legal method lecturer came to me with an offer, she said i should impregnant her and she will make sure i graduate top of my peers and she will pay, i should just call a figure.

She is a very hot lady, super intelligent that's why she is a dean at just 30. I don't know why she wants to do it but from her demeanor i guess she thinks herself above men and marraige. I will be turning 18 by my next birthday and i am over 6 feets, i'm very athlectic and i'm currently the best student in my dept. She said these are "some" of the qualities she saw in picking me to father her child.

Now this super weird, i feel i am dreaming and i need advice, she has expressly told me not to breath a word to anyone as whatever we decide must be a secret till death so i decided to come here, were no one knows each other. On one hand i am thinking of charging her about a million(too much?) which will be really cool money and the taught of graduating with a first class is so magnificent and finally getting to lay with such an amazinly beautifull lady who every student has a crush on. But then there is something sinister and morally bankrupt about selling my Fluid, sending a child into the world and never knowing him, such a secret can linger in the heart till death. Can i get some advice? What would you do or advice your kid brother?

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