Monday, 24 June 2013

Man bashes wife for denying him sex

A sex starved man has revealed in court that he ended up beating his wife because she was denying him his conjugal rights.
According to Nehanda Radio, George Chaparadza told the court that he is perpetrating violence against his wife Rovisa Nyamukondiwa because he is frustrated with the fact that she is denying him sex. George bared it all at the Harare civil court where he was taken by Rovisa who was seeking a protection order against him.
"It is true that I have been assaulting her, but the reason I was acting that way is because I will be angry because I am being starved of sex, and I don't even know the last time I had sex with my wife.
"It is my right to have sex because I paid lobola for her and we haven't divorced but she doesn't want. Recently I assaulted her in our bedroom while her aunt was sleeping in the other room.
"I beat her very hard because I wanted her to scream so that her aunt would know that I am being deprived of my conjugal rights," said George.
Responding to the claims, Rovisa told the court that she needed a protection order against George because he was disturbing her peace.
"I want to be protected from him because he assaults me, harasses me in front of my colleagues and threatens to kill me," wrote Rovisa in her affidavit.
Magistrate Tatenda Manhanzva who presided over the cases, granted a protection order which bars George from verbally and physically abusing Rovisa.

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