Monday, 17 June 2013

SCANDAL! Nollywood Actress Gives Birth To Baby, No Father

Fast-rising Nollywood actress, Liz Da Silva has just delivered a baby boy at a Lagos hospital, located in the Surulere area of the state. The actress and her baby are doing fine!
However, a source on ground told us that no man has agreed to come to her at the hospital to claim paternity for the child, leaving the hospital staff, particular some of the older nurses to wonder if the baby's father had traveled, but the actress could not answer their questions...
The source say Liz simply asked the doctor when she would be discharged from the hospital, saying "I think am strong enough, when will I go?"

Months back, she had tried to give the pregnancy to three different men that she had slept with on different occasions but her tricks failed as each of the men said they are not responsible for her pregnancy and it seems the guys were somehow aware that they are not the only ones taking her to bed.

Liz was said to have told a those close to her that she will return home and keep silent about the father of her baby, saying she hold no one any apology.

One of the men who she earlier tried to give the pregnancy to, a Lagos big boy, was said to have told her point blank that he used condoms with her and as such could not be the father of her child.

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