Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Man Sends wife Away for giving birth 3 months after church wedding

A man in Chesingoro Village in Kericho County, Kenya, kicked out his wife when she gave birth only three months after a colourful church wedding.
The woman, whose pregnancy was not visible, went into labour one morning although her husband assumed she was experiencing the normal challenges associated with first few months of pregnancy.
After persistent groans and writhing in pain, he decided to take her to Litein Hospital. After a quick examination, the nurse came and told him that he needed not worry because his wife was in safe hands.
Convinced that all was well, he took a walk round the centre to release tension as the nurses attended to his wife.
On his return, half an hour later, the nurse approached him smiling and told him, “Congratulations. Your wife has successfully delivered a bouncing baby boy. You will see the baby shortly.”
The dumbfounded man, who had thought his wife was two months pregnant, went bananas.
“This is ridiculous. That child is not mine. Never, ever! I demand to see this woman now and teach her a lesson!” he said as he made a beeline for the maternity room.
It took the intervention of male doctors at the entrance to restrain him. It soon dawned on them, from the angry utterances he was making, that the two had been married for a very short time.
“No wonder she insisted that we wed quickly so soon. She was already pregnant with another man’s child. She should not dare set foot in my house,” the man said amid huffs and puffs, and stormed out while angrily flailing his arms in the air.
One of his friends told this writer that the man had been so smothered by the woman’s charms, that he even resigned after the company he was working for transferred him to a rural town.
“When he arrived home, he packed all the woman’s clothes, hired a boda boda and sent the stuff to her parents’ home with a terse
note saying if she valued her life, she should not risk going to his house,” said the friend.
Elders, meanwhile, say her pregnancy is no big deal, and the small matter can be sorted out if her family pays a heifer to seek forgiveness.

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