Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Man laminates his ATM card

It was a very funny scene in Guranty Trust Bank, Ibadan, oyo state, when an elderly man in his early 50's started shouting and lamenting that his atm card was seized by the machine.

It all started when the said man stayed for almost 20minutes staring at the atm machine without no response from the machine, which caused pandemonium and noise on the atm queue.

Security Operatives had to intervene to check out what the problem was. Only to discover his card was seized by the machine. He started blaming Nigeria and its government for poor conduction and organization of the banking industry.

Minutes later when the Engineers came to sort out the problem. It was discovered his card was laminated, which caused the card to be inaccessible.

The man was a new account holder to the bank. He said "He was just given the atm card few days ago, and he decided to protect/safe guard it"

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