Tuesday, 23 July 2013

CRASHED MARRIAGE: Real Reasons Why Funke Akindele's Marriage Crashed

It was indeed a shocker when in the early hours of Monday, July 15, 2013 it was widely reported that actress Funke Akindele and her husband Kehinde Almaroof Oloyede are no longer together.
What started on blogs and social media soon spread to national newspapers. Akindele remained silent for days, and many fans hoped this was yet another wicked rumour.
Months after the wedding, Kehinde was reported to have impregnated a certain lady, Modinat Nike Dada. The couple did all they could to cover up the mess, but it was out in the open.
Apart from Modinat, there was the eldest wife, Fadekemi, who felt betrayed by Kehinde’s marriage to Funke. Sources maintained that Fadekemi and Modinat neither supported Funke’s marriage to Kehinde and even though he went ahead to marry her, they firmly objected the union. It was gathered that there were issues from Funke’s family too, especially from her immediate family. But the lovers went ahead, against all odds. And it seemed to all that they had both found happiness in one another.

What went wrong?
With more angles now coming out, including allegations  that Almaroof, has become a serial baby daddy, keeping a string of affairs, and even returning to the women he had prior to the celebrity wedding with Funke Akindele, it was only a matter of time before it was all out in the air.
Funke had disgruntled wives to contend with. There were many fans, friends and colleagues too, who felt she did not need to settle with an already married man; with the attendant drama and chaos. But, as it is in the things of love, Funke went ahead to tie the knot in what was unarguably, the most expensive, most glamorous celebrity wedding of 2012.
‘Everyone close to them knows the thing is not working and Funke is very unhappy. People have been advising her. She has just been busy shooting and trying to occupy herself. Couples separate and come back together. Even some divorced couples still settle. So why are people talking as if this is final?’ one friend said over the weekend, insisting ‘people should mind their business or pray for the couple’
She was happy beyond limits on her wedding day. And the days to come were full of bliss. So were did it all go wrong? Or was it a facade all along?
Why the marriage failed
Prior to their high society wedding, it was widely reported that Kehinde had several children from different women, a fact that was no mystery to Funke. It was reported that he was married to two of the women, an allegation that the ‘Jenifa’ star denied in an interview with a publication.
She boasted, ‘I can tell you authoritatively that my husband is not married to anyone else. Yes, he has beautiful children, who are not mine and we have a cordial relationship, which dates back to even before we got married.’
For months there had been concerns that Funke’s husband was rarely seen around her at most events she honoured. Mr Oloyede’s photos are nowhere to be found on Funke’s Instagram page where she’s very active.
It was also widely speculated by observers that the marriage, right from the inception, seemed like it was destined to fail because of all the controversies that surrounded it. From Kehinde’s many wives to many children, and of course alleged strings of affairs, many opined it was surely going to hit the rocks sooner or later.
Moreover, for some reason, the couple allegedly chose to live apart, an action which, sources say, did not help their bonding.
If Funke no longer trusted her husband, then she was not alone. Many say it is possible Almaroof became suspicious of a very busy woman, especially with her endorsement galore and frequent trips. But, unlike Almaroof, it is not certain if there were confirmed instances of infidelity on Funke’s part.

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