Friday, 26 July 2013

Woman Accidentally Draws Giant Pȩ̂nis On Live TV [LOOK]

 Siobhan Riley sketches a giant penis live on TV
The balls-up took place as Siobhan Riley informed viewers in Saginaw, Michigan about traffic hold-ups caused by building works.

While drawing a map of the affected area, Riley accidentally sketched a huge man's member.

Huge area affected ... Riley sketched todger on map of Saginaw, Michigan

Her X-rated diagram was spotted by a viewer who quickly uploaded it to YouTube - where it has been watched by more than 280,000 people in the past 48 hours.
While some internet users have speculated Riley could get fired for her mishap others have taken the opportunity to poke fun at her mistake.

Rocketpunch12210 wrote: "Looks like whatever they are constructing, it is already fully erected."

While tazdaman351 added: "I'm glad there wasn't an accident. That would have been messy."

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