Saturday, 27 July 2013

I Was So Desperate for a child I made My Wife Sleep With My Father

MY wife had se̊x with my father so that we could have the baby we both longed for. I so regret agreeing to it.
I am 35, my wife is a year younger. We’ve been married for seven years but have been trying for a baby without success.
We both got checked out and I was told the problem was mine and untreatable. Our only options were sperm donation or adoption.
We decided to go ahead with the donor option. My parents were supportive and willing to help with the cost, but we had no luck. My wife was beside herself and this had an impact on our relationship, and on my work as I found it hard to concentrate.
Once again my parents were supportive. They adopted me as a baby so they understood the longing for a child, but what they said next took me by surprise. They asked how I’d feel if my dad helped my wife to conceive.
My wife was also shocked. Initially she turned the idea down point blank but I convinced her we had no option. We still had our doubts though, as my dad is in his sixties and I did not know if he could still perform.
We decided the risk would be worth it and we’d go ahead, though we were both nervous. She had never been with another man.
He took her into the spare room to have se̊x but I was having second thoughts by then. I could hear them both moaning and the bed creaking. I couldn’t stand it so left the house.
She has never made noises in my bed and this leaves me feeling incompetent. I keep wondering if he is better endowed than me. I regret it all but I don’t know how to put the clock back.

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