Saturday, 20 July 2013

Boy fighting for his life after father seriously injured him for refusing to eat his faeces

KENYA - A 12 year old boy is fighting for his life at a Teso hospital after he was seriously injured by his own father for refusing to eat his feaces.
Mark Okolo who has since dropped out of school said that problem started after the mother separated from the father five years ago. The dad remarried and denied him a chance to go to school.
He said that despite being in a private school, he dropped this year after the father confisticated his uniform and his books forcing him to engage in farm work.

The teary boy told the media that on this latest incident, the dad dragged him from outside where he was seated and started beating him. He locked him in the house where he told him to defecate and to eat the feaces. He refused only for the dad to hit him with a club forcing him to eat unwillingly.

As if that what was not enough the dad ordered him to drink his urine! He kept on beating him and kicking his whole body. The father barred the neighbours who rushed to his aid by threatening them with a panga.
Later on the boy explained that the father dumped him in a maize plantation to die. Good Samaritans rushed him to Teso District hospital Kocholya where he is currently admitted.
The area Police Boss who confirmed the incident said that investigations had been launched to arrest the man who escaped after the incident. The police boss condemned the incident and urged parents to treat their children well because they have their rights to love and protection.

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