Saturday, 17 August 2013

Benson Okonkwo is using me to cover up; I’m not in any relationship with him - Emelda cries out

Nollywood Actor Benson Okonkwo  who acted in a gay movie recently said he is getting married soon and posted pictures showing himself with a lady as his potential wife.The hot gist right now is that the lady(Emelda Emells) Benson Okonkwo posed with is not in any relationship with him.He just used her to cover up his homosexual lifestyle. Read what Emelda Emells wrote to a popular Nigerian blogger (Linda Ikeji) on the issue:

"Please Linda, that story is false. I know Benson must have fed it to you but it’s not true. I’m not in any relationship with Benson. He is just using me to cover up his real lifestyle. I have known him since 2005 and those photos on your blog were taken in 2011 at a salon and we were just playing around, even the kiss is not real. Benson has been using me to cover up for years and it has to stop. I have a serious boyfriend and it was his friends that drew his attention to your blog. Now I am having issues with my man. I am not engaged to Benson or planning to marry him. He has never even asked me to marry him. His father and my father were close friends and that was how we met. We were supposed to date back when we were introduced but he never touched me and when I started seeing men in his house I understood and we have been friends ever since. This story is so painful to me. I lost my father on August 4th and I am still mourning him so to be reading this type of story online is making my situation worse. Please help me tell the world I am not getting married to Benson."
Emelda Emells Anthony says she’s a student of Electrical Engineering, Federal Polytechnic Owerri...Pics of Emelda after the cut:

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