Monday, 26 August 2013

ZIMBABWE: Picture of a witch who was caught in Harare recently

A witch recently caused a stir in Dzivarasekwa when she was found in her birthday suit.
Sabina Rokuzhe confessed that she was a witch and said that she fell from a flying saucer coming from an overnight trip in Masvingo.
She was found at Mbuya Annah Kamupaundi's house. She pleaded with the crowd not to beat her up saying she had also visited several houses.
One of the people who saw her early in the morning is Mrs Alice Hundi (37) who said she was woken up around 2a.m when she heard a woman's screams.
"When I saw her in her birthday suit I threw salt on her face and she fell down and started writhing on the ground. We called the police and she was taken away."

Police confirmed that the witch was taken away and would get psychiatric help.

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