Thursday, 22 August 2013

Too Much MONEY-Businessman turns down £6M offer for his F1 number plate (Photos)

See levels nah!A businessman, Afzal Kahn has turned down an offer of more than £6million for his 'F1' registration plate 
 The beloved 'F1' which was first registered 109 years ago,currently sits on the front of his Bugatti Veyron supercar and is one of the most desired private plate numbers in Britain.In 2008, he broke the British record when he bought the same plate number for a whooping £440,000.Now, it has increased in value after an ultra-rich individual offered £6million for it. But,Mr Kahn, who runs A Kahn Design in Bradford, rejected the offer believing it is worth considerably more.
 If he had accepted the offer, he would have been able to buy six more Bugatti Veyrons, 75 Range Rovers or 600 Ford Fiestas.
Mr Khan's refusal to sell the plate means that he still likely holds the record for spending the most money on a UK registration plate.
In 2008, Abu Dhabi businessman Saeed Khouri, then 25, is understood to have paid £7.1million on the United Arab Emirates registration plate '1'.
VIP 1, which originally belonged to Pope John Paul II’s Popemobile, was bought for £62,000 in 2004 – two years later Roman Abramovich bought it for £285,000
Am I missing something here? Are our own private plate numbers worth this much? I've seen many FI plate numbers in Nigeria lol

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