Friday, 23 August 2013

Toni Braxton’s Skímpy Dréss Comes Off, Exposés Her Baré Bútt While Performing On Stage (SEE PHOTOS)

Earlier this week, during her concert in New Jersey, very pretty singer and mum of 2, Toni Braxton gave her fans more than they bargained for when she hit the stage.
Whilst belting out her famous tunes, the skírt of the 45-year-old’s skímpy métallic dréss just fell down, only to expose her bare derriere!! 

Unfortunately, Toni who didn’t even realize her búm was exposed, turned her back to her fans and was shaking her now bare búm, as the crowd búrsted into laughter and cheers. 

Watch as Toni just kept singing though , until a guy on stage handed her his suit jacket to cover up. See the pictures after the cut:

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