Friday, 30 August 2013

KENYA: Shock as human head delivered to Nairobi Police Chief (PHOTOS)

A freshly chopped head of a man has been found in a box that was left outside the National Police Service Commission offices in Nairobi.
The carton had the writing – Kavuludi you are next – which detectives have interpreted as death threat to the Commission’s chairman Johnston Kavuludi.
A pair of hands chopped from the wrist was also found in the box, together with the head which was covered with blood.
The box that was wrapped in a yellow polythene bag was abandoned for about two hours before police were alerted.
It was dropped on a flower bed, just outside Luther Plaza, where the Mr Kavuludi’s office is situated off Nyerere Road near the University of Nairobi.
Nairobi police chief Benson Kibui linked the incident to an earlier one where a torso, was found in a farm in Ruai.
Commission’s chairman Johnston Kavuludi
The Torso had the head and hands missing.
“Judging by the decapitation of the head and hands, we can be able to connect. We shall start by seeking the identity of the victim, then we find the killers and establish their motive,” said Mr Kibui.
Workers at the Commission told police that the carton was dropped there at around 4pm, and the police chief said his officers were alerted two hours later.
Officers from the nearby Central Police station who were the first to arrive at the scene sealed it off and called in their colleagues from the Bomb Disposal Unit.
“The experts did not detect any explosives and so scene of crime analysts took over and found the head,” Mr kibui added.
He estimated the deceased was 30 years old.
Mr Kavuludi is the first chairman of the NPSC, which came into existence in October 2012 following enacting of new laws geared at police reforms.
It has been a bumpy ride for the time he has been in office because key decision he made were over looked by senior police commanders.
At the moment, efforts are on, including amending the law, aimed at stripping him of powers to oversee policing in Kenya.

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