Wednesday, 4 September 2013

"I’m A Member of Your Church" - Prostitute Tells a Pastor who Picked her

A preacher with an evangelical church in Kenya’s Nakuru County was shocked when a prostitute he picked up for sex told him she was a member of his congregation.

The preacher, 56, picked the woman along Club Road, Nakuru at around midnight last Friday before driving off with her in his car.

The preacher, who was disgraced in 2000 after his contact with someone’s wife was exposed, picked her up seeking a date, a common euphemism among prostitutes for sexual contacts.

“For sex, I mean that’s why he picked me, that’s what I do, I’m a prostitute,” she said.

The woman said after they ‘transacted business’ in his posh car she revealed to him that she was a member of his church and he was shaken and pleaded with her not to expose him to other members of the church.

The lady of the night said she got an extra Sh20,000 up from the Sh500 so as to keep her mouth shut.

In 2000, the preacher was disgraced after he was found in a compromising position with the wife of a member of his congregation.

The incident then led to a walkout by some pastors in his church. The prostitute said the preacher was a regular customer and normally conducts the ‘business’ in his car

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