Thursday, 26 September 2013

SEX IN STRANGE PLACES: See Couples Caught Having Sex In Church, Court Rooms And More (PHOTOS) (18+)

These couple below who were caught romping on a city wall were not the only ones to display bare-faced cheek in the pursuit of passion.
A couple who had an intimate encounter in Shrewsbury town centre were left blushing after their steamy session was caught on CCTV.
Kevin Naylor, 25, was given a nine-month conditional discharge for drunk and disorderly behaviour while girlfriend Catherine Hughes, 19, received a caution.
But other lovers have been caught in similarly public acts in even odder places.
Check out some of the most unusual places people have got down and dirty in public...
Clock Tower
The stark naked pair picked the balcony of the 105-year-old clock tower of the Grace Brothers building in Sydney, Australia, for their tryst. Situated opposite the Broadway Shopping Centre, they romped in full view of passers by below.

At a tram stop
A naked couple caught having sex at a tram stop in romantic Croydon were ordered to move on when they were caught live on CCTV.
In a phonebox
One couple took more than the law into their own hands - with a 40 minute phone box romp in full-on view right by Brighton JPs' court in 2008.
In court
Judge Donald Thompson was jailed after being found guilty of using a penis pump while he was presiding over cases.
According to witnesses at his 2006 trial in Oklahoma, he used the sex aid when cases were either incredibly boring or really sexy – you know how it is with murder trials. He was banged up for four years and disbarred.
In church
A couple in Cesena, Italy, put a whole new spin on worship when they 'took communion' in the confessional booth during morning mass.
The police were called after members of the congregation heard ‘grunts and moans’. The couple – who were drunk – were cautioned for obscene acts and disturbing a religious function, which ‘religious function’ was disturbed we ask?
On a police car
For some people having sex in public just isn’t daring enough and they must take it that extra mile by, for instance, having sex on a police car. But not just any old cop car - one that has bobbies in it.
A randy Dutch couple – known for their clogs and proclivity to fornicate in full view of emergency service personnel - decided the bonnet was the place to bonk and say they didn’t notice the two cops sitting in the car (eating donuts and watching, no doubt).

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