Friday, 6 September 2013

SHOCK as 2yr-old toddler walked out of nursery all the way home after door was left open

Wow! A 2 year old girl Louise Hilton walked half a mile(15 mins walk) to her home after the doorman at her nursery school left the door open.
According to reports, that was her 2nd day in that school as the walked to-and -fro school on the first day with her mum. Her mother Miss O’Connor, 26, took Louise on the 15-minute walk to Windmill Hill Nursery near their home in Runcorn, Cheshire, for the first time on Monday and again on Wednesday.
Despite busy roads, a roundabout, two subways and woods and a canal, the toddler made her way back from the privately run nursery.No one noticed she had gone and no passer-by intervened even though her route took her past a busy pub.
On arriving home, she announced to her astonished mother Samantha O’Connor:
‘I have walked home on my own – aren’t I a big girl?’

Yesterday her father John Hilton, 30, said:
‘It is frightening to think what might have happened had the wrong person seen her.
‘There is a canal 50 yards from the house and she always tries to jump in and feed the ducks but cannot swim.It’s so shocking that they cannot even notice she’s gone. Anything could have happened.’At 2pm, there was a knock at the door We were stunned to see our little Louise standing there,’ She was banging on the door shouting “Mummy, Mummy, I’m home!” Anything could have happened to her.’ 
Louise is believed to have slipped through a fire door left open by workmen and then security gates after being allowed to go to the  toilet by herself.

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