Thursday, 5 September 2013

PHOTOS: Couple Caught Having Sex In The Back Of A Taxi

 A randy Chinese couple was caught getting it on behind a moving vehicle in broad daylight.
They were photographed at the height of passion during rush-hour on a busy Shanghai road by a shocked driver.
The woman can be seen straddling her partner in the back of the taxi with the man throwing back his head in apparent ecstasy.
One motorist who witnessed the incredible moment said: 'I was in the lane next to them and I could see them kissing and pawing each other to start with.
'They soon got carried away and started having sex right there in the taxi so I decided to film it.
'I saw at least 10 near misses as drivers swerved to get a better look or took their eyes off the road,' he added.
Police officers later criticised the couple.

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